Creative Women’s League Podcast

Episode 46: Making Social Media your BFF with GoGoKim

May 23, 2018

 Kim Niedzwiecki, better known by her perfectly moniker of GoGo Kim, is the best internet friend, cheerleader and teach you could possible have.  I mean that with my whole heart. Yes, she operates mainly in the sewing/quilting space but I geniunely believe makers of alllllll background can learn so much from this social media maven and professional cheerleader. Kim and I not only talk about awesome tips for your social media but you also get to hear about how she happened into the induistry and what drives her to stay.

I can't wait for you to learn so much important info, not only from this episode but from her blog and other wonderful resources.


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@GogoKim on Instagram



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"To be a true badass you have to listen to yourself."-Kim


Find a best friend who builds you up and listens to you and follow her!


"Just being you is pretty awesome. "




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