Choosing & Using Your 2019 Word of the Year | Episode 109

January 16, 2019

Happy 2019, all you creative women!


We are back bringing you podcasts every Wednesday and are starting with our words of the year!

Have you gotten your word yet? Don’t worry, it’s what we are talking about today.

I am talking about my word of the year, why I chose it and how it came to be my word.


Who is we?

Yep, I am introducing/welcoming Tori (my sister) to the CWL today. YES!

She gives a brief overview of her working life, what brought her to the Creative Women’s League and how she is going to help you (and me!) out with our businesses.


But back to the word, still having trouble? We have created a great download to help you workshop your word out for 2019, find it at


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I also reference my blog post about a creative bucket list. 

Head over to Tough Kitten Crafts if you wanna learn more about it and write one with me!


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Instagram Bots and Automation: Can They Be An Effective Part of an Instagram Strategy? | Episode 108

October 17, 2018

Ep. 108




Am I really suggesting you could use Instagram bots and automation to grow your Instagram following? No way....right?

In this episode I give you the complete rundown on bots and automation for Instagram; the difference in the two, the types of bots and automation and whether or not it can be used in a complete IG growth strategy.

I think the episode is going to surprise you because it surprised me too! I did not expect for all my painstaking research (okay not really) to bring me to this conclusion.


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The Number One Way to Increase Your Followers for Free (As Recommended by All the Biggest Names in IG) | Episode 107

October 10, 2018

Episode 107

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Mine and Grind is the number one way all the biggest names in Instagram reccomend to grow your following organically.
I mention Mine and Grind frequently and every time I do I get a lot of very confused messages. My bad! Let me explain what this free technique is and how you can use it to grow your following absolutely FREE.

I detail what it Mine and Grind is, how to use and why it can be SO beneficial to you biz and follower count.
If it's good enough for the top names in social media, its good enough for me!


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“I Am Not Depressed”: A Word From a Depressed Person on Helping Yourself and Others | Episode 106

October 3, 2018

 Episode 106


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October 10th is World Mental Health Day 


My depression was so shrouded in secrecy and so many people were willing to turn the other cheek when I really needed someone to ask "Are you okay?" And ask it often. This episode is not only for those who are starting to think to themselves "I think something might be wrong." but also for friends and family members who are noticing some "off" behaviors in the ones they love but aren't sure if they should say something.

Today's episode is a little rough.

Yeah, it was rough to talk about but it's also much less edited than I usually go for because it is full of raw emotion I just wanted to leave as is.

I was inspired by Amy Porterfield's episode talking about depression with Jasemine Star (Listen to it here).


You aren't alone. You can breathe again and be happy again.

You can help your loved one through this. 

Suicide Prevention 

6 Fundamental Signs of Depression

Supporting a Friend of Family Member with Depression

Coping with Depression

What Not to Say to People With Depression 


The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Change your Business for the Better TODAY | Episode 105

September 26, 2018

Episode 105 


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What goals have you set for you business? Have you written them down? Do you asses your progress on a weekly or even daily basis?

Are you sheepishly looking away from the screen right now? That's okay!
Today I am going to not only convince you how important goals are for you and your business but I will also share the method to crafting SMART goals.

By the end of this episode you will be able to sit down and write achievable, energizing goals for you business and get to work kickng butt on them TODAY.


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Steps You Can Take Right Now on your to Attract Your Perfect Tribe and Create Super Fans | Episode 104

September 19, 2018

Episode 104


Attracting your perfect tribe doesn't have to be hard!

There are easy steps that you can take right now to start to draw in a crowd of raving fans to your social media and your brand. 

This quick listen is chock full of quick and easy actions that you can employ immediately to strengthen your brand's connection with your existing tribe and a whole new, excited crowd ready to be super fans of YOU.


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The Biggest Lesson I Learned from my Trip (And the Medical Emergency I Faced During It)

September 12, 2018

Episode 103


Check out for more motivation, inspiration, know how and community.


This episode was convienced as a fun before and after look at how we feel before a big and event and how much better we feel after it. I thought it could be a great listen, if you were feeling nervous about big changes in your life.

When I ended up in urgent care on the first night of my trip, it not only changed the course of my trip and my classes, but it also changed this episode.

It wouldn't be me without a strange happening on a trip, it also wouldn't be me if I didn't find the lesson in said strange happening. 

I can't wait to hear what you think.


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The Number One Thing You Can Do To Make Your Relationship Work as a Hardworking, Busy, Creative Couple | Epiosde 102

September 5, 2018

Episode 102


Being in a relationship takes love, care and work, even when you love each other immensely.

Just balacning everything in your personal and work life if enough to make ya feel crazy

Some of my most popular episodes have been with this guy so today I brought back Brad, my boyfriend/housemate/personal coffee maker. 

I love this episode becasue it is REAL LIFE, us talking about how we are able to navigate being busy, hardworking, creative people...and still manager to make time to appreciate eachother. It's a topic that has come up a lot in our home recently and it feels fantastic to be sharing it with you.



Your Questions Answered: Commissions, Community and Curating a Style with Beth Winterburn| Episode 101

August 29, 2018

Episode 101 with Beth Winterburn

Get the latest info at TheCWL.COM


I can't wait for you to listen in on this episode. Beth Winterburn is a fine artist out of Memphis, TN with a goregous, whimiscal style of painting. Read more about Beth and her background here.

Beth and I talked about so many of the questions I have been asked by members of the community. I absolutely loved chatting with Beth about finding your way back to creativity, making your own way in the fine arts worl, what to do with commisions that don't excite you and so much more!

Find Beth:



3 CWL Musts:


Braving the Wilderness by Brene Brown



@BettyClicker and @AnnaThom_ who run @PalindromCreativeCo


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Are You Confusing and Losing Your Perfect Tribe? 4 Steps to Fix Your Vibe in One Hour. | Episode 100

August 22, 2018

Episode 100! woohoooo!


Are you unwittingly scaring off your potential tribe?

Are you accidentally confusing the people who could become your best customers and raving fans?

Are you sure?


Today we talk brand vibe! She is the cooler, more innate little sister of your branding and knowing your vibe well can do wonders for you biz.

The bad news is your vibe and it's lack of cohesion could be causing people to not hit “follow” or “buy now” but the great news is that vibe can change very quickly!

Once you are consciously utilizing your brand vibe to create your content and to attract your perfect customer, you are well on your way to creating raving fans of your brand!


Check out the instagram post I am referencing here

And get into the Facebook group to get ahold of the questions I share for each step!


Looking for more direct guidance on vibe? Email me and let’s work together!