August 16, 2017

SOS! 911! Batman! Help! Computer troubles have fudged me up big time!


Mindful Monday 11: Charlottesville

August 14, 2017

Stand up against injustice where ever you see it....yes, even that "mildly" racist uncle at the family picnic. Get out and listen to the voices that need to be heard.  

We cannot afford to have good people be moderate on the topic of racism and oppression. 


Episode 11: I’m not bossy, I’m the Boss with Laura Byrnes

August 9, 2017

Her clothes make you feel like a vixen. Her podcast will make you feel like a bad bitch ready to tackle anything. Today I get to talk with someone I have admired for a long time: Laura Byrnes, founder of Pin Up Girl Clothing. Laura's passion is impeccably made, perfectly flattering pieces with vintage flair and sex appeakl for days and thats shows in every piece her company releases. Laura was ready to go with lots of awesome things to say on a multitude of topics, so I just shut up and let her take us on this awesome ride.

Find Laura:


IG: PinupGirlClothing -and- LauraByrnes

Facebook: Pinup Girl Clothing -and- Pinup Girl Clothing Customer Lounge


Mindful Monday 10: Self Doubt

August 7, 2017

Wait....our most popular post on instagram is about self doubt!? You mean all these wonderful, empowered. confident women still experience self doubt? 


Episode 10: Textile Designin’ with Suzy Williams

August 2, 2017

I had so much fun talking to the smart, funny and wonderfully honest Suzy Williams of Suzy Quilts. Suzy let us in on her life of quilt pattern design and doesn't pull any punches when discussing some of the difficulties she has faced owning her own creative business. Seriously loved talking to Suzy and I think it shows. 

Find Suzy:


IG: SuzyQuilts

YouTube: Suzy Quilts


3 CWL Musts:

Read: "Big Magic" By Elizabeth Gilbert and anything by Brene Brown

Follow: Tammy Duckworth https://www.duckworth.senate.gov/

Believe: There's Enough Room


Mindful Monday 9: Katie says Relax

July 31, 2017

What is the use in finally reaching the pinnacle of success if you get there exhausted and having missed every fun life event along the way? Side note: please do not call me Katie.  I hate it.



Music by Bensound.com


Episode 9: Our Animal Friends with Divya Anantharaman

July 26, 2017

Taxidermy is a field misunderstood, but don't worry...Divya can help you navigate those waters. Divya Anantharaman is a taxidermist out of Brooklyn, New York whose work has been internationally recognised. Full of interesting thoughts on the age old world of taxidermy I hope this episode inspired you to have a new outlook nature and our relationship wth animals alike

 Find Divya:


Instagram: BloodyBerryLicious



Mindful Mondays 8: Wait 24 hours

July 24, 2017

Are you currently panicking about something pretty mundane in your life? Is the stress getting to you? Could you actually avoid a melt down all together just by waiting 24 hours?


Episode 8: Paris When It Sizzles with Christine Haynes

July 19, 2017
It's the longest podcast yet but I promise it's worth it.
Christine Haynes is a pattern designer, sewing teacher, author and creator of her own pattern line, presently living in LA and generally being one of my new favorite people. And soon one of yours too, I know it. We discuss everything from her awesome home town to the life changing loss of her boyfriend of 10 years, Mike. 
Find Christine:
Instagram: ChristineHaynes
Christine's blog post about the one year anniversary of Mike's death.
Read: My Life in France by Juila Child
Follow: Agnès Varda 
Believe: Let go and go on

Mindful Mondays 7: Artist’s Block Blues

July 17, 2017

What the hell do oyu do when you creativity is all clogged up? No seriously. You tell me. Tell me about what you do on our Instagram @CreativeWomensLeague



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