Episode 26: Get really good with Tessa Perlow

November 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday! Today I talk to Tessa Perlow, the extremely talented hand embroidery artist which is particularly exciting because there is not enough info out there out this amazing woman. We get to have a wonderful discussion about marrying your personal convictions with your passion to create to develop the career you love. We also talk about some alternative reason to keep your day job, that really opened up my eyes and I hope it will yours too. This episode is full of living proof that you can build a life exactly how you want it and to not be afraid to learn as you go. She's fab and you're gonna love Tessa as much as I did after this chat!


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IG: @TessaPerlow


3 Musts:

Read: The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna

Listen: The Monocycle Podcast

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Mindful Monday 25: F*R*I*E*N*D*S

November 20, 2017

So no one told you your adult friends were gonna suck *clap clap clap clap*

That's okay...if you need to get rid of a few Rosses and find a few more Phoebes, we got you covered.


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Episode 25: Makin’ it up with Christina Vega

November 15, 2017

Does bubbly even begin to cover it for Christina Vega?  Happy go lucky and taking on the world, Christina Vega is one of the most fun guests I have ever had. Pardon the giggles, we just couldn't help but have a blast. We talked about how Christina was able to leverage the training and experience of working for a major brand, to help build her own. Ya gotta listen.


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IG: @ChristinaVega_


3 CWL Musts:

Read: The Secret by Rhonda Byrne -and- You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

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"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me' 


Mindful Monday 24: Your voice

November 13, 2017

What your tribe wants is your voice... so why are you playing polite?


Episode 24: Sweet home with Imelda Araujo

November 8, 2017

If you are in need of some serious postivity and the inspiration to believe you can do anything you set your mind to...Imelda has got some words for you. Imelda is the woman behind Kuchena and when her orignal business plan didn't work out.... she figured out a new plan. And so it goes for Imelda. After to moving to the stateas from Malawi whewn she was just 16, Imelda is unfraid to take on new responsibilities and learn new skills to keep her business thriving. You will fall in love with her positivity and fearless nature.


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instagram: @Ku.chena


3 CWL Musts:

Read: The Bible

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Believe: Stay positive, work hard, make it happen.


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Mindful Monday 23: There is Enough Room

November 6, 2017

If there is only one Mindful Monday you will listen to...make it this one. I mean it.

Today I tell you why I know, without a doubt, that the world is begging for you wonderful you.


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Episode 23: Area of genius with Francoise Danoy

November 1, 2017

It wasn't long ago that Frenchie was just picking up knitting for the first time, but you wouldn't know that by the look and feel of her business. Frenchie now has Aroha Knits and is kicking so much ass in the knitting world it's hard to imagine she hasn't been doing this for a decade. I love love love chatting with Frenchie and you will love all the wisdom and passion that comes packaged in this episode! Who's ready to head to Japan with me?


Find Frenchie:


Instagram: @ArohaKnits

Which Fiber Muse Are You? Quiz: http://www.arohaknits.com/discovery-test

Swatch Studio: http://www.arohaknits.com/swatch-studio-course

Jennifer Kem (http://www.jenniferkem.com/)



3 CWL Musts:

read: Start With Why by Simon Sinek, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson, and many more!

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Mindful Monday 22: Perception Shift

October 30, 2017

How a tiny little perception shift can take you from "Oh no!" to "eff yeah!"



Episode 21: The F Word with Laura Diaz

October 25, 2017

Feminism ain't a dirty word and Laura Diaz is here to prove it. Whether she is eading the news, crackin' jokes on the radio or fighting for women everywhere, you know Laura is kicking ass and taking names. This hour is full of reminders that you got this and eff the rest.

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@LadyLauraDiaz @FaceOfaFeminist


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Listen: The Divided States of Women Podcast

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Mindful Monday 21: No Deal

October 24, 2017

Why I have a horrible time sticking to my own plans and also why I am gonna knock that right off.