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Maximize Your Producivity (Even When You Suck At To-Do Lists Like Kate Does) | Episode 112

February 7, 2019

Episode 112

Happy February, you wonderful women!


This week, I talk about to-dos and task lists. I know, it doesn’t sound flashy but they are so so important! I talk about the importance of staying productive in my own life and business  by having a weekly and daily to-do list of three things. Three to do in a day that I take from the three tasks!  That's it! Super easy even for someone like me who is a total planner, to-do list and productivity DUD.

This method helps me balance out the new craziness of my life, keeps me focused and feel accomplished every day. I like the feeling it gives me so much, that I needed to share it with all of you because you deserve to feel productive and focused daily also!


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