Mindful Monday 15: 5 words

September 11, 2017

Tragedy strikes. Trying times ahead. A hilarious cat meme. Irma has proved to me one thing: reaching out is the most impactful thing you can do. Bonus: It's free an easy.


Epsiode 14: Geek Chic with Lauren Matesic

September 6, 2017

Lauren Matesic is the creative genius behind Castle Corsetry. Confident and ready to tackle any challenge that comes her way it's so fun to listen to Lauren talk about her wild ride to making her own company.

Dont forget to use your code DRINKANDSEW for 10% off at Castle-Corsetry.myshopify.com


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3 Musts:

Read: The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Follow: Adrianne Curry @AdrianneCurry

Believe: Be yourself and you will always be in fashion


Mindful Monday 14: The You You Want

September 4, 2017

Not a typo, just a crappy title. Today we talk about making an ideal you and then doing what it takes to close the gaps. It's not a chance to beat yourself up for not being perfect, just a kind gentle reminder towards the reactions and coping skills you aspire to have.


Episode 13: Your Local Pot Dealer with Lani Goodrich

August 30, 2017

Today we get to laugh and spread some joy around with Lani Goodrich of Avenue Pottery! Lani makes gorgeus stoneware here in Forida out of her awesome backyard studio. After some previous successes (and not so much) in other arenas, Lani has found something she loves and is thriving at: dealing some good pot to the West Palm Beach area. 


No. Pot jokes never get old. 

Ps. I made this episode explicit but I don't really remember if I cursed or not. Better safe than sorry. 


Find Lani:

@AvenuePottery on Instagram



3 Musts:

Read: The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay

Follow: Samantha Bee @FullFrontalSamB, Kristin Wiig, JK Rowling

Good, better, best
Never let it rest
Until your good is better
and your better is best


Mindful Monday 13: Follow All the Rulez

August 28, 2017

haha Just Kidding! Eff the rules. Break em all.


Okayyy Don't break *all* the rules. Ya know what? Just listen to the show...


Music by BenSound.com


Episode 12: June on the West Coast with Meghan Buchanan

August 22, 2017

Thanks to a listener I was introduced to quilt designer Meghan Buchanan from Then Came June. We talk about the wonderful winding journey tshe took to become a happy little small business ownin' momma

Find Meghan:
Instagram: @ThenCameJune

Website: ThenCameJune.Com


3 CWL Musts:

Read: Louise Penny, Detective Gamache series
Follow: Jenna Rainey, Instagram: @Monvoirco
Believe: "There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect to do so either."

Mindful Monday 12: Yoda’s bad advice

August 21, 2017

Lame advice, it is. Try, you must.

Okay dumb Yoda jokes aside. Let's talk about why a slip up or a bad day is a-ok and why we should be nice to ourselves in the aftermath.



August 16, 2017

SOS! 911! Batman! Help! Computer troubles have fudged me up big time!


Mindful Monday 11: Charlottesville

August 14, 2017

Stand up against injustice where ever you see it....yes, even that "mildly" racist uncle at the family picnic. Get out and listen to the voices that need to be heard.  

We cannot afford to have good people be moderate on the topic of racism and oppression. 


Episode 11: I’m not bossy, I’m the Boss with Laura Byrnes

August 9, 2017

Her clothes make you feel like a vixen. Her podcast will make you feel like a bad bitch ready to tackle anything. Today I get to talk with someone I have admired for a long time: Laura Byrnes, founder of Pin Up Girl Clothing. Laura's passion is impeccably made, perfectly flattering pieces with vintage flair and sex appeakl for days and thats shows in every piece her company releases. Laura was ready to go with lots of awesome things to say on a multitude of topics, so I just shut up and let her take us on this awesome ride.

Find Laura:


IG: PinupGirlClothing -and- LauraByrnes

Facebook: Pinup Girl Clothing -and- Pinup Girl Clothing Customer Lounge