Episode 7: Self Love Club with Frances Cannon (Part Deux)

July 12, 2017

**Due to bizarre techie things I cannot explain, this podcast got cut off! Annoying I know, Check out part 1 for the FIRST half of my chat with Frances. Thank you for your patience with me!**

From growing up in Thailand to art galleries in Melbourne, Frances Cannon's has aways been an artist. Tackling topics like self love, sexuality, body positivity, gender norms and much more Frances' art doesn't just look beautiful it confronts status quo head on. 

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@FrancesCannon on Instagram



3 Musts:

Read: "Fight Like a Girl" by Clementine Ford
Follow: Phoebe Wahl @PhoebeWhal on Instagram

Believe: "Beauty in Vulnerability"



Music by BenSound.com


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